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Academic Year Tuition Fees

Schedule of Fees

Tuition fees are annual. The school operates from Monday to Friday, with normal school days on Wednesdays (some of the French schools operate half-days). 

We offer an optional school bus service for pick-up and drop-off, in the area of Saint-Germain-En-Laye, Saint-Nom-La-Breteche, Mareil-Marly, Marly-Le-Roi, Chambourcy, Fourqeux. The perimeter of the school bus service changes every year depending on the parents requirements. Get in touch to learn more.

Annual Tuition fees for a set number of half-days Monday to Friday, for Pre-nursery, Nursery and Pre-school, as defined herein: Morning session 09:00 to 13:00 or an afternoon session 12:00 to 16:00.

All field trips, snacks, organic daily lunches at school & curriculum language classes are included in the fees (excluding French in nursery classes). 

Special Educational Needs (SEN): Annual SEN fees will be invoiced according to the specialist’s initial estimate and may be subject to modifications. 

Discounts: We offer a 5% discount on tuition fees for the sibling(s) in the school, provided they attend simultaneously. There is a 2% discount on tuition fees when using the single full payment option.

View or download the detailed Schedule of fees along with the Terms from this link: FISP School Fees & Terms 2018/2019

Application FeeThe fee is payable upon formal acceptance of a place at the school. 
It confirms and secures your child’s place in the school. Non-refundable.
Development FeeThis is a one-time, non-refundable fee, payable for all students from Pre-school onwards. 
The fee is devoted to the upkeep of our buildings and grounds. 
Pre-Nursery FeesTuition fee, annual. Starts at €4,817 for 3 half-days of school weeks. €16,057
Nursery FeesTuition fee, annual. Starts at €5,352 for 3 half-days of school weeks.€17,840
Pre-School FeesTuition fee, annual. Starts at €6,660 for 3 half-days of school weeks.€20,020
Primary FeesTuition fee, annual.€22,222
Middle School FeesTuition fee, annual.€24,560
French ProgramOptional daily French programme for Pre-nursery and Nursery €2,180
Bus ServiceDaily between Monday - Friday with Pick-up and Drop-off€5,029
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