FISP Forest International School Paris

Forest International School Paris

School Calendar and Events 2018-2019


Last update: 21 August 2018

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1 Sept 2018Open Day
3 Sept 2018First Day of School
8 Sept 2018Family Picnic
19 Oct 2018End of Term Show
20 - 28 Oct 2018Holiday
31 Oct 2018Halloween Event
1 Nov 2018Holiday
8 Dec 2018 Christmas Show
15 Dec - 6 Jan 2019Holiday
19 Jan 2019Parents Social Evening 
17 Feb 2019Movie Afternoon
22 Feb 2019End of Term Show
23 Feb - 10 Mar 2019Holiday
22 April 2019Holiday
23 Apr 2019World Book Day
26 Apr 2019End of Term Show
27 Apr - 12 May 2019Holiday
25 May 2019Treasure Hunt
30 May 2019Holiday
10 Jun 2019Holiday
22 Jun 2019Summer Fete / Art Auction
28 Jun 2019Last Day of School
1st week JulySummer Camp
2nd week JulySummer Camp
3rd week JulySummer Camp

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